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Imagine, Innovate & Thrive

We bring innovation to big data and create products that are fun to use. We push the boundaries of what is possible and make the industry evolve.

Our Purpose

To offer users a fun and simple way to interact with big data and convert them whilst giving them information they want to see.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to use our creativity and innovation with small dedicated teams to build unique projects that thrive.

Our Vision

To become the world's largest big data-driven company in the gaming and finance space. Our creations will make the industry evolve.

Our Technologies

Node JS
Adobe Suite
We are proud of our brand

Our ethos is to simplify development and be passionate about our projects

We love to develop brand new ideas and make the industry evolve through our creations.

We fully indulge ourselves in projects that we have a personal interest in so we are able to create products that we understand and are deeply passionate about.

Small Dedicated Teams

We believe that small specialised teams can keep overheads low and remove project complexity. Our development process is streamlined and has no physical office so we can be flexible and able to work with the best people all over the world.

Innovation In New Technology

We love to be first. We use our creativity to think up new ideas and then innovate them using the most advanced programming technology available. We have built a strong network that gives the user trust, reliability and confidence in our projects.

Our Projects

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Live Casino Games Tracker

Each time you choose to play online you are placing your trust in casinos, providers and networks across the globe. Tracksino gives the player a new breed of control which enables you to make sure you are being treated fairly. Feel confident you are getting a fair game with the help of our open data.

Our detailed tracker software keeps a log of every spin made whether you are online or not. Reveal the percentages, best wins and odds from thousands of spins. Sort results by specific dealers, times and games so you can produce accurate results. Access our powerful tools and trackers to create new strategies and manage your bankroll effectively.


Track slot RTPs in real-time

RTP Fox is a powerful slot RTP tracker and casino companion designed to enhance the slotting experience. It provides players with valuable insights about the return to player percentage a slot has. It works across all of the most popular casinos and providers helping to find the best slots with optimal RTP settings and improving the chances of winning.

RTP Fox automatically detects when you play slots and displays the RTP in real time even if the provider has it hidden. We compare RTPs across hundreds of different casinos and update statistics in real-time for complete accuracy. RTP Fox empowers players with the highest RTPs allowing for easier wager completion and improved chances of success.

Casino Wager

Advanced Casino Wager Tools

Acquired by Casonix in early 2021 Casino Wager is a popular website amongst bonus hunting players. With access to advanced calculators to discover the estimated value of many different bonus offers found online.

Use Casino Wager to find the best offers that give you the best bang for your buck. Enter the exact math and it will output your estimated value of a certain bonus offer or free spins offer. Compare hundreds of different casinos from a wide array of online casino reviews and discover which slot games have the highest RTP (return to player) values so you can get the best edge.


iGaming Affiliate Management Software

Affsino aggrigates all of your important affiliate data from all of your accounts in a single management panel. Gone are the days where you need to login to hundreds of different acounts to manage your earnings. Affsino lets you monetize all of your affiliate programs on one platform.

No more manual tracking, no more sunk costs or gambling on employees being able to consolidate effectively. Don't rely on outdated and inneffecient methods when it comes to your earnings. Affsino is fully automated in real time and driven by the latest technology. Take your business to the next level with the help of our platform.


Discover Great Casino Apps

Appatory is an online directory that showcases the most popular and latest Casino themed apps available for your mobile phone. Search through our extensive selection, leave reviews and see what scores apps have been given. See our editors favourite and the favourites of players.

Submit your own application and get listed for free. Take part in contests for a chance to become our featured application and drive more direct traffic to your game for free. Check our Appatory today and see what all the fuss is about!


Free Online Casino

Slotoko allows you to play all of your favourite online slots for free. Earn OKO Dollars by completing tasks, and challenges. Level up your character and discover unique chests containing free spins and deposit bonuses for real money casinos. Use Slotoko to take a break from real money play and earn rewards.

Play all of your favourite slot games, track your progress and level up without ever risking a single penny of your money. Including popular games from NetEnt, Play n Go, and Thunderkick. Join our community of avid slot fans and keep a record of how much money you have saved.

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